RAD Modified AFM

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Image of RAD Modified AFM

+3.6hp at the wheels which equates to 4.6% increase on our test car.

Much quicker and easier to fit than a decat with similar gains and will still pass MOT!
This is not just the common clock spring adjustment. We make numerous adjustments to give gains throughout the whole rev range.
Each RAD AFM is road tested and given any final adjustments to ensure it's operating correctly and giving you a stable Air-Fuel Ratio without diving rich at the top end, sapping away valuable power.

£84.98 delivered with a £15 rebate if your old AFM is sent back to us afterwards.

Fits 1.6L Mk1 MX-5 only. Your horsepower gains may vary.
Modifying fueling can be harmful to your engine. It is up to the customer to ensure that the fuel system is operating correctly to prevent any damage.